About Us

About Us

Mission Statement and Cultural Profile



To be the Iconic Florida community bank with a global reach, trusted and admired by our clients and renowned for our people-centric culture.

Mission Statement

Consistently deliver best-in-class service experiences to our clients. Attract and develop best-in-class professionals who are motivated to achieve the highest levels of service and performance. Invest in the communities we serve.

Cultural Profile

  • Behaves like an owner 
Understands and lives by our core values, behaving ethically and leading by example
Embraces change, seeing these moments as opportunities
Gives meaning to daily tasks, connecting them with our vision, mission and core values
Protects Bci Financial Group’s reputation -- managing risk, detecting issues and ensuring policies and procedures are adhered to 
  • Brings the best out of people 
Empowers team members and encourages them to take the leading role in their own personal and professional development
Generates an environment that fosters collaboration, participation and creation of high performance teams
  • Is passionate about our clients
Remains close to clients, listens to them and makes their needs his/her own
Inspires confidence in clients by being honest and honoring promises
Promotes an unconditional and unwavering service attitude that guarantees a memorable experience for our clients
  • Achieves ambitious results
Strives to achieve challenging and ambitious goals consistent with our strategy
Makes timely decisions and makes things happen
Constantly improves, diligently applying our leadership and management profile model
Promotes innovation and change, framing problems as opportunities for improvement 

 We are large enough to give you what you want
 and small enough to provide it the way you want it.

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