Visa + Samsung Pay is Here.

Adding your City National Bank Visa®
card to Samsung Pay is as easy as
snapping a photo.

Simple to set up. Simple to pay.

1. Make sure your compatible Samsung device® is updated with Samsung Pay.

2. Take a picture of your City National Bank Visa with your device’ s camera.

3. Secure it with your fingerprint and backup PIN and you’ll be ready to go.

Our best security,

Samsung Pay transactions are authorized with your fingerprint and use a digital identifier instead of your card number. And even if your phone is compromised, Samsung Knox technology encrypts your card info within a separate, secure data vault.

Convenience and coverage.

Samsung Pay makes paying with your phone fast, easy and convenient. Plus, it works almost anywhere you can swipe or tap.* See a full list of Samsung Pay merchants at

Accepted at merchants where
you see both of these icons:

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