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Cash Collection Services

ACH Debit Origination

In the collection environment, there are two main reasons to use ACH Debit Origination -- Cash Collection and Cash Concentration. Cash Collection is the collection of funds from customers through electronic transfer. This method of collection allows for the fastest retrieval of money from customers. It can be used by companies to collect funds from nearly any U.S. bank associated with the Federal Reserve Bank. Cash Concentration is for businesses, like retailers and companies with multiple locations, which often maintain accounts at more than one bank.  The business can utilize this service to consolidate the funds in one depository account.

OfficeDeposit® (remote deposit capture)


Businesses that receive checks for payment now have the ability to deposit those checks through image capturing. Once the check is scanned, it is uploaded to our system for deposit. The system also allows for the scanning of remittance coupons or for the entry of additional accounting data that can be downloaded and interfaced to an existing accounting system.  Using this system can eliminate most trips to a branch.

Lockbox Processing - Retail & Wholesale

Instead of checks being sent to your offices, they are sent to a Post Office Box maintained by CNB. Each day the payments are removed from the P.O. Box and are deposited into your accounts. Check and remittance information received are reviewed and imaged. Once the information and images are captured, the details of each payment can be delivered to you through different methods. With this service, we will work with you to automate the flow of data and speed the deposit of your funds as much as possible.


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